Healthy Training Treats

What are training treats?

Good question you may well ask.

Training treats should be nice and aromatic for your dog as nearly all dogs work and rely on what food smells like. If it smells good it must taste good and they will do anything for a nice, smelly treat!

Next on the list is palatability for your dog. A training treat should be quick and easy to swallow. If you are training you won’t have time waiting for Fido to chomp through a large chew, by the time he’s finished that he’ll have forgotten what is was you wanted him for in the first place and his belly will be getting full, he’ll lose interest and so the whole mission will be over, leaving you frustrated.

The treats I make have Fido and you in mind. They are pungent enough to keep him interested and focused on you, they are quick and easy to swallow, they won’t crumble into dust and best of all the meat is 100% British. I am passionate about animal welfare and that includes farm animals as well as Fido and his friends.